Chip scandal at Borgata

Be it conducting the Spring Poker Open in 2014 or the recent case of fake chips, Borgata is a happening place right now and it has been on the Poker news for the time being. Borgata has always been a great host to the Poker players and has conducted innumerable Poker matches. However the chip scandal in the Borgata Winter Open (with $2 million surety) has overshadowed its good aspects. The event at Borgata Winter Open came to a standstill after the discovery of fake chips along with 27 players still left to play.

Humberto Brenes

Humberto Brenes was born in 1945 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started playing poker at very young age. Soon he became a poker champion with his positive attitude and poker skills. During his graduation period, he found that chess had its limits and it is not possible to make a good cash value with chess.

Poker Hall of Fame Unveiled

On Wednesday afternoon WSOP revealed the top 10 finalists of Poker Hall of Fame from which one or two members will be inducted in the Main Event Final table of the World Series of Poker 2013. As per public nomination and Governing Council of Poker Hall of Fame include six players who were nominated last year and remaining four are new who are having the title of the WSOP Main event. These 10 finalists of this season are chosen by 19 Poker Hall of Fame members and 18 person of media panel. Out of some are:

2009 WSOP Champion Praises 2013 Hero

The new WSOP champion Ryan Riess has been receiving a stream of congratulatory remarks from the poker pros all around the world since his heroic feat at the 2013 WSOP Main. The latest to join the league of well wishers for Riess is Joe Cada, the 2009 WSOP hero.

“I feel Riess was excellent”, stated Cada. “I feel he showed up with a perfect play against the level of player playing opposite to him.”

Riess knocked out Vegas club promoter Jay Farber in the final stage of the tournament with his extremely aggressive betting.

Charlie Shoten

Charlie Shoten is more popularly known as Scotty Warbucks in the world of poker, due to his wish of remaining anonymous. His birthplace is Bronx, New York.

He was very well aware regarding play of poker game at the childhood age of 5, as it was one of the popular games at the family gatherings. He used to work out as an insurance agent, then after as a businessman and at present he owns one of the consultancies of the Internet business. He is still active in the circuit of poker and no longer seen at the poker tables.

Phil Hellmuth

Phillip Jerome Hellmuth, Jr., fondly called Phil is from Madison, Wisconsin and this is where he spent his entire childhood and formative years. This is the place which he has grown to love and loves to call his own. His education was from a Catholic school and this is where he got his basic ethics.

Annad Ramdin

Annad Ramdin entered into the world of poker very late and he fell into the world of poker by an accident. The birth place of Annad is Georgetown, Guyana. When he was living in the US, he discovered poker game in the year 2002. He is a businessman; he owns his own private store and even invests in real money estate. One night in the bar, by seeing that his few of the close friends were playing poker games, he even began start taking interest in the game; but he was never aware and dreamed about going further in the field of poker.

Matthias De Meulder – Using knowledge to win games

Being a professional player from Antwerp, Belgium, Matthias De Meulder began his life as a TV presenter at a tender age of ten, when he hosted a show with his twin brother Christophe. This show was on air for three years and gave both the brothers a chance at publicity.

Baldwin Won His First WSOP Bracelet

Eric Baldwin first came into live tournament picture in the year of 2008 after winning the 6th Annual Poker Classic at five star levels with a winning prize of $148K. After that success, he continued his good performance and won the 2500 dollar Deep Stack Extravaganza II Event in 2009 for 199,000 dollar.

Musumeci Joins the Team Bodog

Amanda Musumeci started poker while she was attended Kutztown University. She studied Mass Communications and Speech. She has extremely enhanced her capacity in poker game and she developed herself during her school days.

Eventually she made herself prepare for playing the tournament. After completing her graduation she was invited to Aussie Millions by one of her friends. She met with a woman named Anna. Amanda got the place under the wings of Anna and got place for living and gathering the talent of poker game.