The Return Of Jason Somervile At WSOP Of 2015

Here come some pieces of good news as a lot of enormous things are going to take place for the PokerNews Podcast of this present summer at the 2015 World Series of Poker.

First and foremost, Pro Jason Somerville of Team PokerStar is coming back to give a master's perspective of understanding, examination, and verbal confrontation. Second, Remko Rinkema, famous media identity as well as Remko Report’s host, will be taking care of the duties of hosting of the show. Rinkema and Somerville both will be associated by Editor-in-ChiefDonnie Peters.

Somerville being thrilled said that he was exceptionally eager to be coming back to thePokerNews Podcast for one more amusing summer of WSOP activity. He especially excited for Remko Rinkema’s welcome to the PNPod squad, one among the best reporters in this industry. He could hardly wait to get the admirers all the coffee, Juice, soda, and quality coverage of WSOP they had expected.

In comparative manner to late years, thePokerNews Podcast is going to record show which will happen on Monday, Wednesday, as well as Friday amid the mid year, with the arrangements to record day by day as the WSOP Main Event starts. The organization is likewise resolving the strategy of streaming the show with the help of channel of the Somerville, where the show will be telecasted. Maestro sings its own praises telling it has more than seven million shows as well as 100,000 adherents.

Rinkema also said that consistently since 2009, He has done coverage of the WSOP, and this year he has handled the cutest gig of all. He also added it is overwhelming to host the PNPod, and he also anticipates for presenting to everyone best as well as most amusing summer coverage. He also informs that He has found something special for this event.